Just as an acorn knows how to grow an oak tree, each human being inherently knows the way to health. Our mission is to help people reconnect with that inner knowledge by empowering them practically. The Namo Natural Health approach to wellness is wholistic, focusing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.


The human body can heal itself of anything. The key to good health is activating this process by getting back to body basics. Namo Natural Health's hands-on NaturMotion treatment will achieve just this.

Our programmes include:

•  NaturMotion
•  Spinalcare

•  Reflectology
•  Pressure Points
•  Massage
•  Breathwork

Our Bodywise and U-Focus programmes stimulate optimum energy flow for good health.

Stretching, strengthening and breathing exercises generate a feeling of vitality and well-being.

The body-mind connection through movement enables you to stay calm and centered to handle life.

Our programmes include:


Namo Natural Health products are carefully selected to support a wholistic lifestyle.

Our products are available at our own centres, as well as selected health shops.

To become a distributor, please complete this request form.

Our range includes: 

•  Mustard Bath Salts
•  Herbal Massage Oils
•  Herbal Healing Oils
•  Herbal Teas

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