Presented by Alana Janse van Rensburg






What is it?

Bodywise is an extension of Namo treatments a corrective self-help movement program that restores the inner wisdom of motion and inspires health and wellness thus self-healing through movement! 

It incorporates different breathing techniques e.g. chakra and auric breathing, martial arts and self-defense for  effective living, self expression through free dancing etc.

What are the benefits?

  Physical Education
  Postural Correction
  Relaxation and Lymph Drainage
  Detoxing of Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit
  To become Fit for Life!


Who is it for?

Bodywise can help to physically rehabilitate and strengthen adults and children alike. A reasonable concentration span is needed, so the ideal age to start long term training is from 9 years.

Younger children with specific postural problems can receive corrective movement for short periods.