Herbal Massage Oils


A herbal oil is a base oil that has been steeped in herb material, thus infusing it with the plant properties. No essential oils are used.

Base Oil: 50% Almond Oil, 50% Grapeseed Oil
Lavender: Soothing  Relieves Stress, Calms Nerves
Cypress: Boosts Circulation, Breaks Down Cellulite, Relieves Water Retention
Geranium: Uplifting  Supports Emotional Healing, Soothes Nerves
Rosemary: Refreshing  Stimulating, Relieves Mental Fatigue
Chamomile: Calming  Relieves PMS, Swollen Joints & Anxiety
Pennywort: Promotes Deep Skin Regeneration  Relieves Eczema & Psoriasis
Benefits most skin conditions
Baby Massage Blend: Almond Carrier Oil with Chamomile  Calming & Soothing
Aids nappy rash and sore, sensitive skin